Oops! Some Bay Area Landmarks You're Probably Mispronouncing

The Bay Area has its own way of doing things. And this includes pronouncing things in a very particular way. By saying things incorrectly, you may just be announcing yourself as a tourist or a 'newbie' VS a native.

Many local proper nouns, including Gough Street, Arguello and Ghiradelli, have very specific pronunciations that those new to the Bay Area tend to mispronounce. Others have distinct pronunciations longtime natives use just for fun. And then there are the ones that continue to be debated among locals. 

SFGATE compiled a list of the most commonly mispronounced landmarks, streets, cities, determining the "correct" way to say them by surveying Bay Area natives working at the Chronicle. Some words have a oh-so-very San Francisco way that often defy the rules of any language. Click the gallery below to learn which pronunciations you've got correct, which you may need to revisit and which can be said multiple ways.