Glamping at Slide Ranch

Last weekend, we drove 5 miles from our front door for a Marin County 'glamping' adventure on the oh-so-dreamy California Coastline. Per the Slide Ranch rules: We got out in nature, we got dirty, tried new things and had fun! The views and the vibe were incredible. Their farm-to-table dinner was lovely as well. The experience of the resident teachers cooking for us and educating us about the food - and about Slide Ranch in general - really made our stay educational, memorable and enjoyable. Plus, the day we arrived there were 6 humpback whale sightings from Slide Ranch! Amazing, right?!

Slide Ranch is such a great cause in a perfect location. Their mission statement says it all:

"The mission of Slide Ranch is to connect children to nature.  We cultivate healthy bodies and minds and foster future generations of environmental stewards. By farming, cooking, caring for animals and exploring wilderness and the coast, we teach people of all ages to see the connection between their own health, a healthy food system and a healthy environment."

Fact: Some inner-city kids in the Bay Area have never seen the ocean before! Thanks to Slide Ranch, 10,000 kids per year get to learn about food, farming, composting, healthy eating and sustainability. Check them out, enjoy the great outdoors, and support a great cause while you're at it.

They have more farm-to-table dinners and glamping dates coming up, so consult the schedule and set a date to get out to Slide Ranch and experience all it has to offer. They also host weddings and special events!