Architectural Digest's Favorite Minimalist Bathrooms

If you're aiming to live with less, every piece that goes into a space must be carefully considered for both its form and its function. This concept embodies the minimalist "less is more" philosophy.

In a bathroom, that means no more additional storage and seating than is absolutely necessary (say goodbye to your collections of soaps and sponges). Simple, crisp, clean and uncluttered, minimalist baths usually have a focal point. It could be a striking bathtub, spacious glass-enclosed shower or a striking piece of artwork.  

Although a monochromatic color palette is guaranteed to be soothing—and to highlight your decluttering skills—it's not required for a minimalist bath. As long as the fixtures are clean-lined and unadorned, even a moody gray stone can work. Here are some sleek, pared-down baths from Architectural Digest.

Article: Architectural Digest

Photo credits: Roger Davies, Pieter Estersohn, Nikolas Koenig, Michael Moran, Dan Forer, Jean-Pierre Gabriel, Scott Frances, Joshua McHugh, Simon Upton.