12 Days of Christmas - Day Eight

On the eighth day of Christmas, The Costa Group shares with thee: the power of the number 8.

When I think of the number eight, I think of luck and feng shui. In Chinese culture, the number eight is considered lucky and represents continued abundance and business success because it looks like the infinity symbol.

Both of these concepts are appropriate and meaningful during the holiday season. As we look ahead to the new year, we’re all striving for growth and prosperity. It’s the perfect time of year to set yourself up for success, both in your personal life and your professional life.

Eight is also a popular number in Chinese feng shui because the word for it sounds like the word for “prosperous growth” in Chinese. In many feng shui symbols and applications, you’ll find things grouped by eights. The infinity knot is also considered a powerful symbol because it contains the number eight.

Unleash the power of the number eight in your life!