Top Home Design Trends of 2016

By their very nature, trends come and go. Some have serious staying power while others never really gain a foothold. 

The goal of many homeowners is a home that melds comfort, function and style. Below are Elle Decor's list of the top home design trends for 2016. Find your favorites to add your own personal flair to your home-sweet-home.

Black Stainless Steel

Black is the new silver. The days of gleaming silver are moving more toward a matte black finish, which offers a distinct look and tends to show less fingerprints.

Image courtesy of Best Buy.

Image courtesy of Best Buy.

Heated Entryway Floors

Warm floors aren't just for bathrooms anymore. Entry floors are the ideal location for heat especially during chilly winters.

Floral Furniture 

Once a huge trend, big blossoms on sofas and chairs are making a colorful comeback. If you're not feeling brave enough to invest in what is lovingly called 'granny floral' furniture, start with accessories such as throw pillows and area rugs. 

Formal Dining Rooms

The sit-down dinner is making a comeback and homeowners are using formal dining spaces more than ever. Whether you're entertaining or having a family dinner, the formal Dining Room is a trend on the upswing.

Image courtesy of SchoolGuide Home Design

Image courtesy of SchoolGuide Home Design

Mismatched Cabinetry

Although some people prefer a simple, consistent look, others love the bold and daring. In the kitchen, blending different cabinet styles, colors and even texture is a dramatic way to achieve this trend. This concept can be carried over into other spaces with built-in cabinets, such as bathrooms and media rooms.

Fireplace Focal Points

This oft-overlooked home accent has taken a backseat for many years but is making a comeback as a focal point in many homes. Whether working or not, fireplaces lend a charm and warmth to any home. Arranging a seating or reading area around your home's fireplace makes it center stage.

Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Forego the bland rectangular mirrors of old and embrace unique shapes and sizes of bathroom mirrors. They add interest and also offer artistic flair as well as function.

Photo by SnailsView.

Photo by SnailsView.


As technology makes it ways throughout each room of the home, the bidet is becoming more popular since high-tech toilets often come with this feature built in.

Low to No Tech Living Rooms

More homeowners are opting for a space that banishes technology and instead invites social connection. Having a room to disconnect from social media, TV and other digital distractions helps facilitate family time. The Living Room seems to be the perfect place to unplug. 

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