14 Paint Colors That Make Rooms Look Larger

Just like furnishings, materials and artwork, paint gives our home a very specific feel and ambiance. A crucial part of our decor, paint color conveys personality, warmth, and can lend a feel of spaciousness or make a room feel dark and closed in.

Pros in the know including designers and top paint companies like Benjamin Moore have insights into colors that have both staying power and the ability to make rooms look larger.

1. Light colors & neutral tones are perfect options for small spaces but if you choose a bold color, offset it with softer tones for furnishings an accessories.

Best All-Around Colors

2. Paint the walls and trim the same tone in small rooms that don't have much natural light. This minimizes 'breaks' by offering one consistent color palette. It can also make ceilings look higher.

Colors for Both Walls & Trim

3. Bold accent colors can be used to make spaces feel cozy and intimate. The hues you use depends upon the 'feel' you're trying to achieve, be it warm, relaxed, energetic.

Bold Accent Colors

4. The key factor in choosing the perfect palette for your home is how much natural light each rooms receives. The lighter the color, the larger and brighter the room will appear. In general, the less natural light, the lighter the hue. If your goal is to boost the feel of spaciousness, opt for bright colors with a light reflectance value higher than 50. These reflect more light than they absorb, making that tight space feel more open and airy.

Colors to Create Illusion of Spaciousness

These classic colors are sure to enhance the rooms of your Marin or San Francisco home! 

Article excerpt from Huffington Post.