2 San Francisco Neighborhoods Named Best in America

According to a recent study conducted by Trulia, both Excelsior and Noe Valley were ranked high on the 'live well' index.

Trulia took into account practical items such as health care access and good schools and amenities like access to shopping, restaurants, parks and trails. 

Neighborhoods with the best amenities

Best neighborhoods.png

Neighborhoods with the best family amenities

Home to many urban professionals, especially young families, Noe Valley is known for its classic Edwardian and Victorian architecture. Often referred to as 'stroller town', it's proximity to Twin Peaks partially blocks the coastal fog and wind, making it sunnier and warmer than surrounding boroughs.

The Excelsior district is located along Mission Street and is comprised of many sub-boroughs including Mission Terrace, the Outer Mission neighborhood, Portola, and Crocker Amazon. It is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in San Francisco and is known for being the home of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

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