Ring in 2017 with a Fabulous San Francisco Fireworks Display

Every December 31st, a stunning display of sparkling fireworks light up the San Francisco night sky over the water near the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building. 

Hundreds of thousands make their way to the waterfront to ring in the New Year so it is best to arrive early to claim a seat for the 30 minute show. Bring a picnic, blankets and make your own party while you wait for the show to begin at 11:59pm. 

The display takes place on a boat off shore that sits between these two landmarks so there are many areas that offer ideal viewing. The sidewalks to the south of the Ferry Building on the waterfront side offer the perfect place to find a spot and settle in for the show. If this isn't an option, anywhere along the eastern side of San Francisco overlooking the water should provide a great view.

Blue star: Ferry Building, two red stars are perfect viewing spots.

Blue star: Ferry Building, two red stars are perfect viewing spots.

BART and public transit (MUNI or F-Street Car line, California Cable Car) are easy ways to get to the display and most offer free transportation from 8pm to 5am that day.

The western side of Treasure Island is another great place to settle in for the show but does require driving.

A few restaurants are situated so that they afford diners a view of the show, assuming you arrive close enough to the start of the display. We suggest making reservations or seeing if you can drop by for a celebratory cocktail an hour or so before the first colorful firework shoots into the sky.

  • Waterbar, 399 Embarcadero
  • Epic Roadhouse, 369 Embarcadero
  • Chaya, 132 Embarcadero
  • Americano, 8 Mission Street
  • Sens, 4 Embarcadero

A firework dinner cruise is another option to see the display up closer and personal. 

The Costa Group wishes you all things wonderful in 2017 and beyond. 

Happy New Year!!

Article excerpts from SFTourismTips.com