traveling with children

Essential Gadgets for Summer Road Trips With Kids

Summer is almost upon us and for many, that means hitting the highways and heading out on family road trips. When traveling with children, being properly equipped can make the difference between hours of, "Are we there yet?" and a peaceful, safe drive for all.

Touch Screen Tablets

Tablets are thin, light and have a long battery life, ensuring even young children can stay occupied watching movies, reading books, playing games, listening to music and more. They're also great for taking pictures as you drive to your destination. Its wise to have the tablet in a case or secured to a mount on the back of a headrest for younger children.

Data Storage

Unless you have an unlimited data plan and great service along the roads you'll be traveling, having an external drive to store movies, videos and music playlists will be sure to save the day.


Many families enjoy capturing their road trip adventures via dashcams but these devices also offer security in the form of video evidence during an incident or accident.

Earbuds and Noise-Canceling Headphones

Earbuds or headsets are a necessity to allow kids to enjoy their own entertainment without disturbing others. For children who need to block out ambient noise so they can rest (or for adults who need an auditory break!), passive or noise-canceling headphones are a must. 


Your devices are of no good without power so remember to bring a car charger or two that works with each device. Portable backup batteries are also great if you're out of the vehicle and want to have reserve power for your SmartPhone or other device.

Of course, good old coloring and sticker books and car games are always fun and good to have in stock if you want to limit 'screen time'. Having food and drinks on hand is also a necessity so remember those as well before hitting the road.

Happy trails!