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Top Decor Trends for Home

If you enjoy changing up the decor in your home, spring is an ideal time to refresh your style. 

Here are the latest trends that are gaining popularity. Some are quick and easy to implement while others entail more of a remodel. 

Black & White

Black and white minimalist decor is on the rise, replacing the bright, busy patterns that were all the rage a few years ago. If black and white isn't your thing, muted colors are also a top decor trend.

Matte Finishes

Oxidized metals, chalk-like finishes and matte finishes are the texture du jour.  Metallic was a huge trend and matte blends beautifully with luxe gold, silver and copper so feel free to mix and match!

Lightyears-Caravaggio matte gray pendant light.

Lightyears-Caravaggio matte gray pendant light.



Remember macrame? Well, thanks to Coachella's bo-ho chic style, macrame textile objects are now being incorporated into living spaces, especially on pillows, outdoor hammocks, bedding and towels.

Marble Accents

Small touches of this luxurious stone in the form of planters, clocks, coasters, candleholders and other decor items are being used to imbue sophistication and class.


Gray Hardwood Flooring

Offering an almost whitewashed appearance, gray hardwood flooring is unexpected as a floor color but it too adds sophistication and class to any space. 

Farmhouse Kitchens

A blend of both modern and rustic, the farmhouse kitchen is inviting and simple. They can and do include high end materials and fixtures but tend toward a minimalistic design and simple hues.