Spirituality and Your Home

Let’s talk about the spiritual side of real estate for a moment.

Recently, there has been an increase in realtors and new homebuyers who are using spiritual practices to cleanse and bring positive energy to their homes.

From sage burning to Feng Shui, we’ve come up with a short list of ways to encourage positive energy flow and bring harmony to any home:

Sage Burning - Clears negative energy in any space. Sage burning releases negative ions, which scientists have linked to putting individuals in a more positive frame of mind. 

  • For realtors - Bring a bit of positive energy to your listings by holding a sage burning ceremony before a home hits the market. If you are looking to purchase a gorgeous sage burning kit, visit Mama Wunderbar on Instagram.

  • For home owners - Burning sage can help to cleanse your new home. If you have had a run of bad luck, or simply feel like there are bad vibes in the home left by the previous owners, sage burning can help get rid of those negative feelings, and replace them with positive energy.

Shamanic Blessings - Shamans connect to the spirit realm to promote growth and healing. 

  • For realtors - Seek out an experienced shaman to help create harmony within the home.

  • For home owners - If you are feeling energy disturbances in your home, you may be interested in a shamanic blessing. These blessings will help to connect and shift energies or spirits in your home, creating a more peaceful environment.

Feng Shui - The art of arranging spaces to achieve harmony and balance by rearranging the way that Qi (energy) flows through the home.

  • For realtors - When staging a home, use Feng Shui to encourage balance and positive energy for all who enter the home.

  • For home owners - There are a variety of good sources online for tips on how to Feng Shui your home. The main tip to remember is that clutter is an energy, or Qi, blocker. We recommend visiting this link to start decluttering and get started on your Feng Shui journey.

Do you have any tips for adding a little ‘woo’ to your home? If so, we would love to hear about them!