Marin Headlands

The Marin Headlands, the southernmost end of Marin County and part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, are famous for their views of the Bay Area, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Pacific Ocean. Take a drive along Conzelman Road from the foot of the bridge to Point Bonita, and you'll see what I mean! You'll also find coyotes, deer, mountain lions, and several varieties of birds, as well as an explosion of wildflowers in the spring. Fall brings a migration of hawks, falcons, and eagles.


The Marin Headlands were home to the Native American Coastal Miwok tribe for thousands of years. In the 18th century, the Headlands were home to Mexican and Spanish ranchers, and later on, Portuguese dairy farmers. Also home to many (now decommissioned) military installations and batteries, the Headlands have seen a variety of inhabitants over time. Take advantage of the hiking trails to get up close and personal with nature and learn about their rich history.

In addition to the spectacular views, history lessons, and wildlife, there are numerous things to do and and places to see, including the Visitor Center, Point Bonita Lighthouse, Battery Townsley, Tennessee Valley, Fort Cronkhite and Rodeo Beach, Nike Missile Site, and the Marine Mammal Center. Pro tip: bring food and water, as there are no vendors. 

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