Top Questions From Sellers

If you're thinking of selling your home, you have many questions about the process. Fear not - we're here to help! Below are some of the questions we receive most often, along with our answers.

  1. Can we sell as is without staging?  Can we just try?
    1. Ideally we should stage. You will get your money back and more because most properties in this area are fully, professionally staged & buyers have a standard of what a property should look like when it hits the market. If you do not meet that standard, it does not catch their attention. Plus, it helps buyers visualize themselves living there versus getting distracted by your personal items. That said, if you have REALLY good taste & really nice furniture that looks like a stager’s (think Pottery Barn & Restoration Hardware, Bo Concept). We do have a great track record in getting our sellers top dollar, if the sellers have to live there while selling the home.  We can sometimes work around a seller with their belongings, it is never the optimal situation. If you want to maximize the results of your sale, then moving out & fully prepping and staging is usually the answer.
  2. How much is my property worth?
    1. Your property is worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it today :)  But in all seriousness, we can give you a range based on recent sales & market activity; but we can’t say for sure--because it depends on:
      1. WHO is out buying in the weeks we offer your property for sale
      2. WHAT else they have to look at (i.e., what else is on the market at the time we are offering your property for sale)
      3. WHERE interest rates are
      4. WHEN we list your house for sale
      5. HOW local/national/world news & economics/stock market are performing and being reported!
    2. We are on this journey together & we will get you the best possible price we can at the time we sell.  
  3. How much should we list my property for? What strategy do you recommend?
    1. There is a lot of psychology involved in pricing. While we can give you a range & a tentative, proposed strategy well in advance of selling; we do not recommend finalizing the price until the week we are going to list it for sale for too many reasons to count, which are happy to explain when we meet.
  4. From signing the listing agreement to having money in the bank from the sale, how long will this take?
    1. There are a lot of moving parts here, but a few things to consider
      1. How soon will you be moving out, if at all?
      2. How much listing prep will be involved? (we can help determine this)
    2. That said, from a seller moving out to having money in the bank, we can usually pull this off in 4-6 weeks! From start-to-finish.  We have a great team & amazing systems in place, which comes from over a decade of practice & experience.
  5. Should I make any improvements before coming on the market?
    1. This, my friend, is a loaded question!  We can help you determine what (if anything) needs to happen prior to selling your home. Usually, at minimum:
      1. Painting
      2. Professional cleaning
      3. Window cleaning
      4. Gardening/weeding/mulch to freshen up (if applicable)
      5. Possibly: New light fixtures, refinishing hardwood floors to give it all a fresh look
      6. Staging
  6. Should I sell my property or keep it as an investment & rent it out?
    1. While we always recommend buying and holding for as long as possible to build wealth in Real Estate, being a landlord is not for everyone & there are oftentimes tax benefits to timing the sale of your property right.  This is case-by-case and totally personal. As your go-to Real Estate advisers, we can help you make the most informed & best decision. This decision also may involve the advice of a qualified tax professional, with whom we can connect you.  With your tax adviser, wealth adviser, financing professional & us as your Real Estate team, we will insure you make the best possible moves in this game of ‘real-life Monopoly’ so that you have a great retirement portfolio built for your future & your heirs.
  7. What other costs are involved with selling besides the brokerage fee?
    1. County/City Transfer Taxes
    2. Nominal disclosure fees