Color Factory Instagram Hotspot Hits San Francisco

On August 1st, a decidedly unique pop-up opened its doors near San Francisco's Union Square. Being heralded as an Instagram hotspot, the 12,000 square foot interactive space is a 2-story celebration of color, creativity and material. 

With 15 specific spaces designed by numerous artists and collaborators, the Color Factory is conceptual, beautiful and unique. The facade of the building has been likened to the rainbow colored Fruit Stripe gum and every space within it's walls offers a dazzling and delightful experience. 

These include a bright yellow room filled with over 200,000 plastic yellow balls, the rainbow reception area, the drawing room where visitors are encouraged to leave their mark on the black and white walls, the violet selfie room, and the room filled with 10,000 ribbons. (Even the restroom in the Color Factory is an experience...)

Image credits: Architectural Digest

With photo stations throughout the exhibit, the creators and artists behind the pop-up want to encourage visitors to share their experiences on social media.

“We love to see how people are interacting in these spaces, from one room to the next, creating their own visual interpretations through their photographs,” says Jordan Ferney, the man behind the Color Factory concept.

The installation is only temporary, running through August 2017. It is open daily except Wednesdays from 10am to 10pm. Tickets are $32 and are available only online. The COlor Factory experience takes about an hour to enjoy. But hopefully, it will live on well after on Instagram and other social media. 


Color Factory
575 Sutter Street between Mason and Powell in San Francisco
Buy tickets here
Hours: Open daily from 10am to 10pm; closed Wednesdays