Tips to Creating a Home Entertainment Space

Dedicated family entertainment rooms are gaining in popularity. These modern, multi-functional spaces should embody flexibility and a sense of playfulness while maximizing the use of space for a variety of entertainment pursuits.

Below are tips on creating a dedicated space in your home where your family and friends can relax, have fun and connect while playing games or watching movies.


Family entertainment rooms have two key requirements: ample space and seclusion. To provide enough square footage for the variety of entertainment options (board and card games, online gaming, movie-watching, etc.), choose a room that offers around 600 SF, if possible. It is also wise to situate your entertainment space away from bedrooms or other quiet spaces since there is sure to be quite a bit of noise generated when this room is in use.


Sectional or modular sofas combined with recliners, theatre seating, bean bag chairs and the like provide seating options that are flexible as well as comfortable. Since there is bound to be quite a bit of TV watching or gaming, choose an appropriately sized entertainment console that includes storage for electronics, board games and media. A table and chairs is another essential, providing a place to play board games or cards, set up snacks or have intimate conversations. Additional pieces, should space allow, include game tables like ping pong, foosball, pool tables, arcade games, etc. and possibly even a bar/kitchenette area. Surround sound is also a great feature to enhance the movie-watching and online gaming experience.

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A vital component of any family entertainment space is flexibility. All furnishings should be versatile and able to be reconfigured and moved easily to accommodate your family's changing needs. With young children, there may need to be enough floor space to allow for exploration and and storage for toys; teens will require a different layout. Avoid built-in systems as these limit flexibility.


The purpose of this space is fun. Add some color and creativity to the room with bright rugs, pillows, artwork and even paint. Add your family's personal style to the space. A less formal atmosphere with playful colors and patterns invites a casual, fun environment that will serve your family well for years to come.