Home (Re)Decorating Tips

We all want our homes to reflect our style as well as be functional, comfortable and appealing. But for most homeowners, decorating their home can be a daunting task. Choosing paint colors, fabrics, furniture, artwork and accent pieces as well as arranging everything in a pleasing manner and within a budget is a lot to take on. Hopefully, these professional tips from Houzz will set you in the right direction.

Look at your current home with a critical eye. What do you like? What do you dislike? Of the things you like, is it the color, fabrics, comfort, sentimentality?

Create a wish list. If you had an unlimited redecorating budget, what would you want? Jot down everything that comes to mind. Once your master wish list is complete, begin to prioritize. What items are within your reach financially? What are you able to do now and what things need to wait?

Collect images of things you like. If you are decorating your Living Room, seek out photos of that space that appeal to you as well as furnishings, rugs, artwork and other accent pieces that you appreciate. Houzz is a great place to find photos and you can save the in an online ideabook. Take your time collecting these images versus trying to 'get it done' all at one time. Even if you choose to hire a professional interior designer, this scrapbook will help guide them in understanding your taste and desires.

Even if you can't articulate your style, the process of collecting images of colors, furnishings, patterns and room layouts that you like will help you discern what you find appealing. Your instincts take over and your collection will begin to show recurring themes that can guide you toward your redecorating goal.

Get everyone involved. If you live alone, then you only have to please your self but if you have a partner or older children, ask for opinions. Suggest that each person create their own ideabook and collection of images then sit down together to review and discover where you differ and where you come together in your decorating tastes.

What stays and what goes. Just because you are redecorating doesn't mean everything you have currently needs to go to Goodwill. Once you have an idea of the new look you'd like to achieve, make a list of all the significant items you have and determine which fit and which need to be updated or let go (or at least put in storage.) Remember that you can reupholster furniture, paint or stain wood furnishings and reframe artwork. 

Start with one room. If you have the budget to redecorate your entire home at once, great! But for those that don't, it is best to choose one primary room, such as the Living Room, and complete that before moving onto another space. Experts discourage doing a little in one room and a little in another; this leads to multiple rooms that are half-finished. Plan your project in phases, starting with the primary living spaces and working into more intimate spaces like bedrooms last. 


Tips and images from April 16, 2017 Houzz article by Fred Albert.