Rave Recipe-Dragon Bowls

Dragon bowls, also called superbowls and Buddha bowls, are delicious, all-in-one meals that incorporate healthy, colorful raw and cooked foods topped with a dressing that is a fusion of Asian overtones.

Quick and easy to make, Dragon bowls are full of exotic flavor, nutrition and comfort that can be designed to fit all types of diets including vegetarians and those looking for gluten free options.

The typical dragon bowl focuses on greens such as kale, spring mix, baby spinach and raw or roasted vegetables. Carrots, sprouts, beets, avocado, cucumber and bell pepper are among some of the favorite veggies as are roasted sweet potatoes and other root vegetables.

Fiber-packed grains, beans or brown rice add nutrition and heft to the bowls while protein comes in the form of one's favorite meat or tofu for those who prefer a vegetarian option. Top with seeds or nuts and a dressing made from things such as ginger, soy, tamari, tahini and wasabli finish it off.

Dragon Bowl Basics:

  • Base of your favorite fresh greens
  • Grains and noodles such as quinoa, brown rice, spelt, faro, ramen or chow min noodles (precook for easy prep)
  • Beans (reconstitute overnight if dry or use from a can for quick preparation)
  • Vegetables and fruits including pickled vegetables, mango, cabbage, baby corn, mandarins and avocado
  • Proteins such as hard boiled eggs, chicken, fish, tofu, beef and pork (precooked for quick prep)
  • Toppings include chia, sesame and sunflower seeds, dried fruits, nuts, fresh ginger, and herbs like cilantro
  • Dressings focus on Asian flavors and include ginger, soy, peanut sauce, hosin, tamari, honey, chutney and tahnini. Add a touch of wasabi or Sriracha sauce for heat. Mix your favorites, adding touches of lemon, brown sugar and rice vinegar to create new and unique flavors.