12 Days of Christmas - Day Four

On the fourth day of Christmas, The Costa Group shares with thee: the four steps of The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

All of us, whether we’re entrepreneurs or not, would like to work less and make more. In addition, who wants to work for 40 years to build something and not be able to enjoy it along the way?

In his book, Ferriss details the process you can use to reinvent yourself and accomplish those goals. This process can be applied to any aspect of your life, whether you’re trying to be healthier or more efficient in your business or side hustle.

The process is:

  • D for Definition – This step explains the overall lifestyle design recipe (the fundamentals), before adding the three ingredients. Along the way, you’ll learn how to replace self-defeating assumptions and learn concepts such as relative wealth.
  • E for Elimination – Turn the notion of time management on its head, and you’ll acquire skills allowing you to increase your per-hour productivity by a factor of ten. This section provides the first of the three luxury lifestyle design ingredients: time.
  • A for Automation – This step provides you with techniques you can use to put your income on autopilot. This section provides the second of the three luxury lifestyle design ingredients: income.
  • L for Liberation – Discover mini-retirements and learn how to become geographically free. This section provides the third and final luxury lifestyle design ingredient: mobility.

Even if you can’t get your work week all the way down to 4 hours, this process can be used to improve your health, increase your income, or give yourself more of the most precious resource of all: time.