Best Speaker Options to Fill Your Home With Music

Everyone loves music. Today's modern technology allows for a myriad of incredible options to fill your home with your favorite sounds using your Smartphone, tablet or other device.

Gone are the complicated installations, giant speakers, subwoofers and receivers and running wires through walls and ceilings. The biggest decision is determining what type of speaker system works best in your home. 

WiFi Systems

"Whole-home' speaker solutions utilize your home's wireless Internet or can be hardwired if preferred to stream music through premium speakers. Since this system communicates with itself, it includes the capability to play the same sounds throughout your house or different music room-by-room, a great feature for families who enjoy different musical styles. Two speakers can also be paired into a 'stereo system'. Since WiFi sound systems don't compress the audio signal during transmission, the sound emitted is superior to that of Bluetooth. Companies the likes of Bose and Sonos offer affordable wireless systems that meet any audiofile's budget and sound preference.

Bose wifi speaker.jpg

Smart Speakers

Handsfree personal assistants have gained in popularity over the last year and these devices can also be a great source of spreading the sound of music in your home. Amazon's Echo and Google Home are the top two and using their voice-activated speakers, you can access purchased music or streaming songs via a subscription service like Spotify or Pandora. The beauty of these smart speakers is that you can ask for a specific song, playlist or genre without ever pressing a button. The sound emanating from these small speakers is impressive and have the added benefit of being able to turn down your thermostat, schedule appointments and a variety of other tasks.

Sound Bars 

Typically used to enhance the sound of your television, these devices can also be used to play music via Bluetooth technology from the television itself (some TVs allow users to access music services directly) as well as a nearby device. Sound bar, though typically more expensive, provide solid, balanced sound, especially when paired with a subwoofer that often accompanies these devices. Sound can be adjusted with the sound bar remote or your Smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth Speakers

Inexpensive and portable, these small, lightweight sound options pair with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth technology. Great for adding sound outside as well as in, these water resistant devices have a range of about 300 feet and play music from streaming services as well as your own personal library.

Whatever your budget, whatever musical style, there is technology that fits your lifestyle. Ease of installation (no wires!) and use (some are voice-activated!) make playing your favorite tunes simply enjoyable.




Article excerpt from TechConnection, Marc Saltzman.