Tartine Manufactory Opens in the Mission District

Since opening their doors in 2002, Tartine Bakery & Cafe on Guerrero Street has become renowned for their freshly baked breads and delightful desserts. Tartine's co-owners and proprietors, Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef in 2008, have been featured in an impressive list of periodicals (think Bon Appetit, Saveur, and Oprah Magazine to name a few) and have been offered a book deal, all thanks to their mouthwatering baked goods. Open daily, Tartine offers freshly baked loaves, cakes, cookies tartes and stunning pastries and tantalizing sandwiches.

Just last week, the bakery opened the much anticipated Tartine Manufactory, an 'artisanal utopia' that is being heralded as a culinary playground orbiting around a bakery. Located at 595 Alabama Street at 18th Street, the Manufactory also includes a coffee shop, restaurant, ice cream shop and bar. Tartine manufactory is a multifaceted space that invites interaction between those creating the food and those receiving it. Customers can interact with the bakers and food creators, watching them prepare the mouthwatering breads, pastries, ice creams and other items from scratch in a welcoming space that connects the kitchen with the dining areas. With the atmosphere and energy of an artist's commune, Tartine Manufactory invites a focus on the artisans and their creativity, passion, experimentation and collaboration.

Divided into several overlapping spaces with shared seating, the goal was to design both a functional workspace and a hangout. Inspired by a variety of cultural influences, the Manufactory is filled with California craftsmanship. With huge floor to ceiling factory windows, reclaimed wood, white marble, exposed ductwork and paper lanterns, it is a place that inspires and invites.


Understanding the 5,000 square foot space is key to the experience.

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The Bakery Cafe is at the heart of the Manufactory, offering freshly baked loaves throughout the day.  To-go pastries, breakfast sandwiches, waffles and other dishes are available for breakfast while the cafe will serve salads, sandwiches, salads, pizza and more for lunch. 

The Coffee Manufactory will serve batch coffee, espresso, tea and roasted beans for home brewing. Hours for both the Bakery Cafe and coffee kiosk are 7am to 5pm.

The Restaurant & Bar will serve all meals 7 days a week. Breakfast and lunch will be counter service with wait staff delivering orders and taking drink orders. In mid-afternoon, the bar will open offering wine, beer, low proof cocktails, housemade sodas and other drinks. Dinner service is not yet available but will open in the coming months. As bread is the lifeblood of Tartine, all food will revolve around bread.

Last but not least is Tartine Cookies and Cream, expected to open in mid-September. The ice cream shop will serve gelato, soft serve ice cream cakes and pies, ice cream sandwiches and pops and waffle cones. When it opens, the hours will be 11am to 8pm.

Tartine Manufactory is located at 595 Alabama Street at 18th Street. Current hours of operation are 7am to 5pm daily.


Article excerpt and images from San Francisco Eater.