Redecorate With Virtual Reality

New tools like virtual reality measuring apps and online mood boards are working to assist consumers by offering simpler ways to decorate -or redecorate- their homes and apartments. Instead of having to muscle around couches, beds and entertainment centers or testing paint colors with those tiny samples swatches, a variety of websites, apps and online tools and services are using virtual reality to create a reconfigured or redecorated space.

The future of home decor is in allowing people to envision new wall colors, furniture and curtains without having to purchase items and bring them home. Online retailers like are digitizing their catalogs as well as testing augmented and virtual reality applications to help 'create the best possible shipping experience for the home'.  Home design site, not only helps shoppers get inspiration and find local professionals, they, too have also just launched an augmented reality app, View In My Room. It enables shoppers to experiment with a variety of decor options by placing products from its online store into a virtual version of their home before they buy.

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Below are 3 ways to redecorate your living spaces while sitting on your couch.


Home decor magazines and store catalogs are still a great way to get ideas. Online sites like Pinterest and Olioboard offer ideas as well as create mood boards, visual arrangements  and 3-dimensional designs. Many stores offer mobile apps that feature the newest arrivals.


Home Depot has an app that lets consumers upload a photo of a room to see how various paint colors will look while taking into account the lighting, shadows and other variables in the room.

Ikea is relaunching an augmented reality app that will interact with its 2016 fall catalog while will release an augmented reality app in September allowing shoppers to customize a room by setting the model, material and layout of the furnishings.


Services like Angies List, Yelp, and Houzz each connect shoppers to local professionals. These services enable shoppers to find contractors, electricians, painters, interior designers and more in their areas as well as see reviews and examples of their work.

As technology continues to evolve, homeowners and apartment dwellers who want to decorate or redesign one room or their entire home can do with without ever moving a single piece of furniture, buying multiple paint samples or having to purchase home decor or furnishings. using virtual reality and other online applications, we can repaint, reconfigure and redecorate from the comfort of our couches.