Marin Clean Energy Equals 9% Rate Reduction

Marin Clean Energy (MCE) will lower electricity rates by an average 9 percent effective Sept. 1, making its electricity costs slightly less expensive than those of Pacific Gas and Electric.

Marin Clean Energy, a San Rafael-based joint powers authority, was created in 2008 with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will achieve this by increasing the use of electricity generated from renewable sources like solar and wind energy. It offers “light green” rates at prices competitive with PG&E’s that feature 52% renewable sources versus PG&E’s 30%. For less than $5 more per month for a typical residential customer, the organization also offers “deep green” rates from 100% renewable sources.

With the help of Danlin Solar, REP Energy, and the Novato Cooley Quarry, MCE will soon be flipping the switch on a new community solar farm. One of Marin Clean Energy's long-term goals is to 'give every resident and business in their service area access to affordable clean energy from sources as local as possible. Not everyone is a homeowner, and not every homeowner can install solar panels on their home, but everyone should have access to solar energy. Now with Local Sol, anyone in the MCE service area can harness the power of the sun.'

Marin Clean Energy provides electricity to 170,500 residents in Marin County, unincorporated Napa County, and the cities of Benicia, El Cerrito, San Pablo and Richmond. The addition of the new communities in September could bring in an additional 94,000 customers.

When communities join Marin Clean Energy, residents are automatically switched to MCE unless they opt out. MCE’s monthly rate for a typical residential customer will be $93.81, while PG&E’s rate for a typical residential customer will be $94.27.

"As residents of Marin County as well as conducting business here, The Costa Group is excited that we will now have a green energy option for both our home and office!"