Driving Marin County: 4 Scenic Routes Not To Be Missed

With awe-inspiring views just around every corner, Marin County promises a vacation state of mind a short drive from San Francisco. For driving enthusiasts or nature lovers up north or down in Silicon Valley, these four scenic routes are a must-do.

Much of Marin County can be easily explored by car. Whether you're looking for a top-down day in the convertible or a photo opp adventure, these stunning drives guarantee that you can do Marin in style. Even if you're not a shutterbug, its worth bringing your camera (or using your smartphone) to capture the Marin mountains, hills, and valleys.

Image courtesy of Summitpost.org

Image courtesy of Summitpost.org

4 Scenic Marin 'Sunday Drives'

1. Conzelman Road: If you're driving north from SF, take the first exit from the Golden Gate Bridge towards the Headlands and drive Conzelman Road. Prepare yourself for unforgettable views of the coastline and gentle rollercoaster turns. 

2. Lucas Valley Road: For a more relaxing experience, the winding Lucas Valley Road has plenty of twists and turns sure to put a smile on the face of any driving enthusiast. Watch as the green spring grass changes to gold in summer months. 

3. Point Reyes National Seashore: A drive to Point Reyes National Seashore, with its dramatic and wild landscape, is sure to meet your need for sun, sand and scenery.

4. Mt. Tamalpais on Panoramic Highway: Finally, find yourself atop a 2,571-foot mountain peak with panoramic views of Marin’s hills, San Francisco, and the East Bay. The drive up Mt. Tamalpais on Panoramic Highway serves up canyons and sweeping hillsides, redwood forests, oak woodlands, and open grassland.

These four scenic drives are the ideal way to explore all the beauty and majesty that Marin has to offer.

Article excerpt from 7X7.