Our Magical Marketing Guru: Erika Burke of SCRIBE415

No matter what industry you're in, marketing your product and services is key. And The Costa Group is fortunate to have found an incredibly creative marketing team: SCRIBE415, spearheaded by Erika Burke.

“The Costa Group are a progressive, focused marketing force that advocates for their clientele first and foremost.  It has been a privilege to bring their marketing vision to life and collaborate as an ongoing marketing consultant.”  Erika Burke, SCRIBE415

Erika brings over 30 years of marketing experience to the table. She got to know and understand The Costa Group, our needs, our business philosophy and what we wanted our brand to express. She asked the right questions and helped bring our marketing vision to fruition. And, to top it off, Erika has 15 years experience in real estate, which gives her insights that proven invaluable.

"The work SCRIBE415 has done for us has given The Costa Group a much broader exposure with our listings; as well as insider access to under-the-radar properties for our buyers. This has resulted in a much more successful real estate experience for all of our clients," says Sara Werner Costa.

SCRIBE415 & The Costa Group

SCRIBE415 creatively directed, developed and implemented a full scale marketing program for us by establishing The Costa Group's branding with logo, tagline and promotional content. Directed by Marketing and Creative Director, Erika Burke, SCRIBE415 developed our website, blog and content. Upon the site launch, they trained our team to self-manage our website and marketing program, allowing us to have control and make changes and updates when needed.  SCRIBE415 also updated our Social Media Branding and directed the re-branding of our marketing collateral.  

SCRIBE415 provided additional marketing services to The Costa Group including: 

  • advertising campaign strategy 
  • media negotiation
  • annual marketing planning
  • purchase & placement across media types

The Costa Group highly recommends Erika and SCRIBE415 to any company, big or small, that is looking for a comprehensive, creative marketing solution or refresh of their existing website, blogs and materials. Their expertise has contributed to our success!