Cruel Choices Card Game: What Will You Choose?

Move over, Cards Against Humanity, There's a new game in town. Cruel Choices is the latest outrageous adults-only card game taking social gatherings by storm. 

Based on the game, "Would You Rather", Cruel Choices serves up options that has players choosing from 'the best of the worst' options and guaranteed to leave everyone doubled over in laughter.

Would you rather...

  • Only be able to listen to Justin Bieber songs or relive one day over and over for a year?
  • Swallow a live earthworm or be force-fed a large bucket of mayonnaise?

And believe us when we say, these are some of the least Cruel Choices this game will offer.

                   Available for purchase at

                   Available for purchase at

"In Cruel Choices, you'll find yourself forced to make decisions that no one should ever have to make. All the while, you'll enjoy watching your friends judge you as you expose your true colors. When faced with Cruel Choices, what will you least regret?"

This game was created by our wonderfully talented friend and client, Dorian K. For two to ten players, the game can take 30 to 90 minutes and is recommended for ages 17 and up. For $25, Cruel Choices will provide loads of laughs and give you some interesting insights into your friend's and family's innermost secrets! 

Ready to make some Cruel Choices? Order yours by clicking here!