Google Fiber Coming to San Francisco

Yesterday, Google announced that it will provide its lightening-fast gigabit Google Fiber Internet service to certain apartment and condominium complexes as well as affordable housing in San Francisco. 

Gigabit speed allows users to download HD movies or backup computers in seconds instead of hours. It could significantly increase the productivity of those who work out of the home, allow for more efficient, collaborative online studying and even positively impact the tele-health industry.

Taking into account 'a number of factors, including the city's rolling hills, miles of coastline, and historic neighborhoods,' the company decided to piggyback upon existing fiber networks instead of laying its own line.

San Francisco will be Google's fifth city in the nation equipped with its Fiber Internet service. Currently, the two main high speed Internet providers in the Bay Area are Comcast and AT&T. 

Google's super high-speed Internet coming to a lucky few in San Francisco. 

Google's super high-speed Internet coming to a lucky few in San Francisco. 

"That's a good thing for consumers. We can get to better services and more competition without having to build lots of new or redundant networks," said Hovis, who works for local governments and nonprofits on broadband projects, some involving Google Fiber. "We don't see huge amounts of competition in broadband. It's really expensive to build these networks. It really leads to monopoly and duopoly.

The cost of Google Fiber to those lucky San Francisco residents is not yet determined but will most likely be competitive with current providers. Hopefully, the service will expand throughout the city. 

Google has also been working on plans to offer service in San Jose.

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